Vole Pest Control Edmonton

vole pest control edmonton
Vole Pest Control Edmonton
Vole burrow opening

Vole pest control in Edmonton includes trapping, baiting, and using repellents. It’s important to note that vole control should be done in a safe and responsible manner, and that some methods may be prohibited or restricted by local laws or regulations. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional for advice on the best options for your specific vole problem.

Meet The Voles (also called meadow mice or field mice)

Voles have small ears and very small eyes and short tails; these characteristics differentiate them from house mice or deer mice. They are active year round, day and night. They create runways in grass that lead to multiple burrow openings that are each about 1-1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.

Voles are small, stocky rodents that belong to the family Cricetidae. They are widely distributed across different parts of the world, such as North America, Europe, and Asia. Voles are often mistaken for mice or shrews, but they have some distinct physical characteristics, such as rounder heads, shorter tails, and powerful legs that are adapted for burrowing.

The Negative Impact of Voles on Your Property and Health

Voles cause problems on lawns and gardens since they damage trees and turf through their habits of chewing, tunneling and digging. They feed on or contaminate stored food, grains and animal feed.

When it comes to health hazards, voles can spread diseases to other animals and humans (e.g. salmonella).

Vole damage on lawn

Vole damage on the lawn of a house in Edmonton

Vole Pest Control Made Easy

Savvy Pest Control Ltd. counts with exterior rodent control certified technicians, and has the expertise for using a variety of techniques and rodenticides. We have a great deal of experience for accomplishing the victory over vole infestations, safely and in a short period of time.

Our company offers one of the best vole pest control in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and many other surrounding communities. Reach out today!

Vole damage on lawn

Vole damage on the lawn of a house in Edmonton