Our expert Edmonton team of cockroach exterminators has a great deal of experience in eliminating cockroach infestations. We use proven roach management protocols that have resulted in happy clients and excellent customer reviews on Google. We’re proud of our reputation for succeeding where even global corporations have failed to control difficult cockroach infestations.

Let’s face it: cockroaches are gross, even when you give them credit for being outstandingly hardy. After all, they can withstand both incredibly high and low temperatures, and some species can go for a month without eating. The ancestors of modern-day cockroaches were around long before dinosaurs roamed the earth. The North American species are usually thumbnail-sized, but some varieties in the tropics can be three inches long. The ones in Edmonton are puny by comparison! Still, they’re disturbing to find in your kitchen cupboard or bathroom. If a guest sees a cockroach in your home, chances are good that the guest won’t come back (this may be desirable in some cases, but you’ll still want to get rid of the cockroaches). The chances will also be good that there are more cockroaches in your home, because they are social creatures that live, breed, feed, and travel in large numbers.

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Cockroaches gorge on all types of organic materials including foodstuffs, paper, wood, soap, glue in books, cloth, plants, hair, garbage, sewage and even the insulation on electrical wiring. You have to give them full marks for not being picky eaters, but it doesn’t mean you have to cut them any slack when trying to drive them out of your house. And the best way to do that is to hire a licensed pest control expert who will deploy a comprehensive treatment process involving at least three basic steps: sanitation/preparation, application of insecticides, and progress monitoring.


Cockroaches thrive in dirty places, so the first step in any treatment effort is to clean and sanitize the areas where the cockroaches have been showing up. So, clean out those cupboards, scrub them down using a strong kitchen cleaner or vinegar, and wipe it dry. Consider wiping off any plates, jars or other items that were in the cupboard before you cleaned it, because the cockroaches might have contaminated their surfaces. Throw out any opened jars or packages of food that they might have had a chance to feast on.

This is critical because cockroaches are carriers of salmonella bacteria that can cause food poisoning. They also carry other organisms that can make you sick. Cockroaches leave an undesirable odour on the materials they come into contact with and may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Application of Insecticides by a Cockroach Exterminator

This is the step when the cockroach control expert brings out his or her big “guns”. Actually, they’re more like backpacks with spray nozzles that emit chemicals that are poisonous to cockroaches. When applied in the proper places – that is, where the cockroaches are or where they are likely to be – the chemicals will incapacitate and kill the insects that come into contact with them.

Progress Monitoring

Because roaches reproduce rapidly, the application of insecticides must sometimes be done repeatedly over time to ensure that new generations of cockroaches don’t begin to flourish and re-infest the property. That means the cockroach exterminator may have to make one or more visits to your home after the initial application of insecticide. The goal, of course, is to make sure that every last roach is gone and won’t come back.

Exterminating cockroaches can be a big challenge even for experienced exterminators, but with the proper tools and roach killer products, the battle can be won.

Savvy Pest Control Ltd. uses state-of-the-art equipment for spraying or micro-spraying highly effective insecticides. However, we may use other techniques depending on the specific case.

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