Spider Exterminator

spider exterminator

A typical house backyard in Edmonton may host up to 20 different kind of spiders. Although all spiders possess venomous fangs, they are mostly harmless to humans. If there is a spider problem inside or outside of your house, and you are looking for a top-rated spider exterminator, we offer one of the best spider control solutions in town. Reach out us today!

Sensitivity to spider bites vary among people, but the only spider in Alberta that the average person should be cautious around is the western black widow, which is not commonly found. Spiders rarely bite humans unless their nests or webs are disturbed.

Savvy Pest Control Ltd. counts with state-of-the-art equipment for spraying or micro-spraying highly effective insecticides. However, other techniques may be also used  depending on the specific case.

spider exterminator

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider Exterminator

The western black widow is shiny black, with a distinctive red hourglass-shaped mark on the underside of its stomach. It builds a small silk web close to the ground and it can be found in garages and sheds, or under rocks and fallen trees. It is not aggressive, so it will only bite to defend itself.

Several spider species can be found in the province of Alberta. Most are nonvenomous like the cobweb spiders, house spiders, wolf spiders and jumping spiders. But two types of spiders have been considered venomous, the hobo spider and the black widow spider, however, the hobo spider may not be as dangerous as believed some time ago. If you believe you have been bitten by a black widow spider or a hobo spider, get medical help immediately, and try to positively identify the spider or catch it to confirm its type.
The poison of a hobo spider bite is not strong enough to cause life-threatening complications, however, it can cause pain and other symptoms like severe headache, nausea, weakness, and temporary vision impairment.

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