Mice are just living creatures for some people, but the reality is that they are full of diseases. It is important to take necessary actions when mice are found in your home because mice are reserves of ailments for humans. They can impact you to the extent you never imagined before. Any unwanted creature in the house is harmful to all members of your family. Therefore you must know why there is a need for urgent action when mice are found in your home. Even a single mouse can create a big impact by multiplying in numbers very soon. So what a tiny mouse can do in your home? 

Mice can make you very sick

The deer mouse is more dangerous than the common house mouse, but both can spread diseases. They can contaminate the food and utensils through their urine and droppings. In addition to this, they chew food products, contaminating these products with their saliva. Another sort of contamination can be through nesting materials. Some of the dangerous diseases that mice can spread include Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Listeria, just to name a few. So mice can make you very sick as they make all edible products their target. The food contaminated by mice, if eaten by humans or even domestic animals in your home, can cause severe health problems. Along with this, they roam on almost every item of the house so when you use or even touch the items, you can catch the infection. The communicable diseases spread by mice can make your entire family very sick, leading to excessive health expenditure or even fatalities.

Mice multiply fast

The mice usually litter about 5-10 times in a year, so it is fool to think that there is only one mouse in your home. The female mice may have about six to eight babies per litter so if there is a family of mice having six members, they will multiply to about 60 within three months. They are among the ‘most abundant creatures on Earth”. They multiply so fast that they can seriously build a large colony in your house. As they multiply fast, they can create a significant impact on your health and your loved ones health. Due to fast multiplication, mice can destroy essential things in a more vigorous way than what you may expect. They can cause severe destruction to your home as they chew many things and then run away in their nests. Thus, they can be more dangerous than what you imagine.

Mice can eat almost anything 

As mentioned above, mice make every edible item their target. They will chew anything in your house including some of the very expensive things. They like grains very much so they often make a hole through cereal packages and crackers without much hard work. They usually eat 15-20 times in a day so imagine a family of 6 mice who will eat around 120 times a day and contaminate the items they eat. Moreover, according to the health department region of Durham, Ontario, mice contaminate the items they nibble on 10 times more than what they ingest. They target the areas where they have high chances to get food, for example, around the kitchen and pantry. If such a portion of food is eaten by you, it can cause serious health problems. Along with this, mice can chew wires that may lead to electric shock. They can even climb up the wires, causing serious damage to the wiring. Therefore you must take them into consideration immediately after they are seen in or around your home.

Mice can destroy your home

You may be wondering how it is possible for mice to destroy your home. The reality is that they can do this very easily. Mice can be responsible for fire accidents in your home. Want to know how; of course, you want to know. Mice can eat the gas pipes in the kitchen. The hole in gas pipes can cause a serious fire in your house, leading to even deaths. Along with this, they can chew electric wires as mentioned above that can cause sparkling, leading to major fire accidents. They make nests in the crevices of your house, leading to negative impacts on the very foundation of your building. Thus, they are important to be considered as dangerous not only in your home but all buildings. They nibble away when they reach and climb up the walls and attics. This helps mice keep their teeth shortened and help them gain access to blocked areas, for example, they tend to make a hole through crevices of the house blocked by electrical wires. The mice can also destroy homes by continuously removing building material, which can weaken the foundation of the building.


Mice can be more dangerous than the picture you have in your mind in the context of the harmful effects of mice. They directly contaminate the water and food in your house. They can cause various diseases that can even lead to death. Mice are among the most abundant creatures in the world. Moreover, they multiply very fast, leading to an increase in population by a significant proportion. Mice can also make holes through the foundation of a building, along with many other damages to your home. They generally nest in the areas they find the nearest to eatable products. So when you spot mice in your home, it is imperative to take urgent actions like calling DSA Pest Control Edmonton (A Partner of Savvy Pest Control Ltd.). 

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