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For how long have you suspected the mice have been living in your place? If it’s been just a few days, you could try to deal with it on your own: usually setting some few traps in the area where there is the most activity and see if you can catch the mice on your own.

However, if it has been several weeks or more than a month, and you haven’t been successful in removing the mice from your place, it’s time to call in the professionals. Hiring rodents control experts is best since they know how long it is likely to take to get rid of the mice, they can identify the places where the mice are likely living, and they are trained to use chemicals and traps in safe ways.

If traps and/or poison baits are not used adequately, mice can develop trap and/or bait “shyness”: once this happens, even pest control experts will have a more difficult time getting rid of the mice. This is why it is important to be well informed before you try to control a mice infestation yourself or before you hire a non-experienced pest control technician.

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